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Empress Wu
Empress Wu

April 2017 - If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient China, here are some ideas other people have found useful:

Clothes: For boys, loose cotton pants in blue or black, and a matching cotton jacket; pajamas may be the easiest way to find this, or an athletic outfit with sweatpants.

For girls, a long white nightgown is a good place to start; it should reach her ankles. Over it, maybe a long embroidered robe, like a kimono, tied at the waist. Or, wear the same clothes as the boys.

More on Chinese clothes

Food: You'll find recipes for Chinese stir-fry in any Chinese cookbook, or on the back of packages of Chinese food at the grocery store. Kids tend to like plenty of soy sauce on theirs. A chance to try to eat with chopsticks is always good. If you are going to go to a Chinese restaurant, you might want to practice with the chopsticks ahead of time, before you go. More on Chinese food.

If you're looking for Chinese foods you can eat cold or without much cooking, some good choices are sliced peaches, apricots, cucumbers with soy sauce, tea, licorice, and candied ginger.


* Paper-making
* Discussion of foot-binding
* Making a compass
* Making Chinese coins
* Making a Chinese abacus
* Head of a terracotta warrior
* Making a Chinese paper scroll
* Making a Buddha statue
* Making a Hot Air Egg
* Making a Chinese dragon

Clothes in ancient China
Food in ancient China
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Bibliography and further reading about Ancient China

More about ancient China
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