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Where things are?

Africa (with Ancient Egypt)
Europe (with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome)
West Asia (Mesopotamia, the Persian Empire, and the Islamic Empire)
Central Asia
Southeast Asia
Americas (South America, Native Americans, American history)

When things happened?

Bronze Age
Iron Age
Renaissance and Modern

How things work?

Biology (with the parts of a cell)
Chemistry (including atoms, the elements and reactions)
Geology (with the geological eras, plate tectonics and types of rocks)
Math (numbers, geometry, and proofs)
Physics (with space, weathersimple machines, and the laws of motion)

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Quatr.us Study Guides Projects and Articles for early June:

Achilles bandaging the wounded Achilles binding up the wounds of Patroclos (Athens, red-figure vase, 500 BC -now in Berlin)

Achilles bandaging the wounded Achilles binding up the wounds of Patroclos (Athens, red-figure vase, 500 BC -now in Berlin)

JUNE IS PRIDE MONTH: Celebrating LGBT Pride in June – read about gay friendships in ancient Greece. Read about famous friendships like Achilles and Patroclos, Damon and Pythias, Alexander and Hephaistion.

This week in history:

VANDALS SACK ROME: June 2, 455 AD – Vandals coming on ships from North Africa plunder the city of Rome, as part of the continuing collapse of the Roman Empire.

Central Asian man with a long wispy gray beard and a cap with earflaps

Genghis Khan

PONT NEUF: May 31, 1578 – Catherine de’ Medici, the Queen of France, starts building the New Bridge across the Seine River in Paris. Now it’s the oldest bridge in Paris! Her son Henry III lays the first stone.

MONGOLS: June 1st, 1298 AD – Genghis Khan and the Mongols capture the city of Beijing, in northern China, ending the Song Dynasty.

Indian soldiers in Burma during World War II

Indian soldiers in Burma during World War II

D-DAY: On Monday, June 6, 1944, the United States Army and the British Army invaded France, beginning to push the German army back towards Germany. This was the beginning of the end of World War II. But many, many men died in the battle.

WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK: Find out when and where the Gay Pride parade will be near you, or what other events are planned for Pride month.

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New articles this week:

The patterned marble floor of the Roman Senate's meeting room

The patterned marble floor of the Roman Senate’s meeting room

We’ve been updating our articles on the history of marble, the history of tobacco, and the economy of ancient China. More updates coming soon!

New discoveries this week:

Skeleton in the dirt with a rock over it

A man killed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius when a rock fell on his head.

POMPEII: The first new excavations at Pompeii in fifty years are turning up some exciting finds, including this man who was killed when a rock fell on his head while he was running away from the eruption in AD 79.

ABRAHAM AND ISAAC: An interesting Gnostic papyrus from Roman Egypt tells the story of Abraham and Isaac – only in this version, Abraham just goes ahead and sacrifices Isaac to God. Apparently this version was pretty common in Roman times, including among early Christians.

EGYPTIAN TRADE: Egypt’s economy was booming in the 1100s under Saladin and the Ayyubids. So maybe it’s not too surprising that traders were selling Egyptian pottery as far north as Bulgaria, where a bunch of it was found last week.

Seasonal food of the week:

Making chicken soup

Making chicken soup

CHICKEN: Probably a lot of you are grilling chicken or hot dogs today for Memorial Day, but here are some other chicken recipes for your leftovers: try making chicken soup, or hot and sour soup. Try making a chicken pot pie with peas and carrots, or couscous with roasted vegetables and chicken. Or just do a roast chicken with baked potatoes.

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