Quatr.us experts wrote all of these simple, free articles. Click on any link to read the full article. Looking for Early Africa? Start with ancient Meroe and Aksum, or read about collecting wild honey and figs, or the domestication of donkeys, sorghum, and millet. There’s a whole long list of articles about ancient Egypt, too.

But also read about Hellenistic Egypt, where Eratosthenes figured out the circumference of the earth and Euclid developed geometry. Check out the pharaoh Cleopatra and Roman Africa, when many Africans, like Augustine and the Ethiopians, became Christians.

Go on to Islamic Africa –  the Fatimids, the Almohads, Saladin, and Saladin’s great doctor, Maimonides. Read about the kingdoms of Mali, Djenne, and Congo. And then read about the crisis of the European slave trade and colonization, and how African countries like Mozambique and Angola are still recovering – and still being exploited – today.


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