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To review and make sure you know the basics of the history of China, try playing this Chinese History Bingo game. Copy the board onto a piece of notebook paper, and let someone else call out the things that happened. Try to place each thing that happened in the right Chinese dynasty (hint: it will help a lot if you know the dates of each dynasty!).

The board:













Events to read out (not in order!):

People begin farming rice (about 4000 BC) – STONE AGE
People begin keeping chickens (about 4000 BC) – STONE AGE
People begin to make pottery (about 3000 BC) – STONE AGE
People begin to make bronze (about 2000 BC) – SHANG DYNASTY
People begin to use writing (about 2000 BC) – SHANG DYNASTY
China united into one big kingdom (about 1800 BC) – SHANG DYNASTY
Spring and Autumn Period – a good time for China (about 700-500 BC) – ZHOU DYNASTY
People begin to use iron (about 600 BC) – ZHOU DYNASTY
Confucius and Lao Tsu (about 600-500 BC) – ZHOU DYNASTY
Warring States period – civil wars in China (481-221 BC) – ZHOU DYNASTY
An emperor buried terracotta warriors in his tomb (210 BC) – CH’IN DYNASTY
Building of the Great Wall of China (210 BC) – CH’IN DYNASTY
Silk Road begins to carry trade to West Asia (100 BC) – HAN DYNASTY
First university in China, and exams for judges (100 BC) – HAN DYNASTY
Fighting off the Huns (about 50 AD) – HAN DYNASTY
Kingdom of Wu in south-east China (about 400 AD) – THREE KINGDOMS
Buddhism arrives in China – Shaolin monks (366 AD) – THREE KINGDOMS
Yang Ti digs a canal to connect the Yellow River with the Yangtze River (600 AD) – SUI DYNASTY
Yang Ti attacks Korea but he is defeated (617 AD) – SUI DYNASTY
Empress Wu Chao rules China (660 AD) – T’ANG DYNASTY
Hsuan Tsung expands China south to Vietnam and west to Tibet (750 AD) – T’ANG DYNASTY
Great persecution of Buddhists (840 AD) – T’ANG DYNASTY
Paper money gets started in China (1200 AD) – Song Dynasty
China begins to trade by sea south to Vietnam and India (1200s AD) – Song Dynasty
Buddhists start to build stone pagodas (900s AD) – Song Dynasty
Women begin to bind their feet (1100 AD) – Song Dynasty
Mongols invade and get control of China (1276 AD) – YUAN DYNASTY
Kublai Khan rules China (1271 AD) – YUAN DYNASTY
People begin to grow cotton in China (1300 AD) – YUAN DYNASTY
Bubonic plague (Black Death) devastates China (1330s AD) – YUAN DYNASTY
Emperors build the Forbidden Palace (1400s AD) – MING DYNASTY
Chinese potters make famous blue and white pottery (1400s AD) – MING DYNASTY

Chinese History

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