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History of Vietnam

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Early Vietnam The first people, with their dogs and baskets, probably reached Vietnam around 45,000 BC, coming along the coast from Africa to India and then Southeast Asia. These first settlers lived mostly by fishing, probably from small boats. And they collected seaweed, mussels, clams and shrimp along the shore. Their central location, with great access [...]

Medieval African history – Timbuktu and Great Zimbabwe

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Mansa Musa of Mali After the 400s AD, the Bantu expansion slowed down. They had already settled most of the good farmland in southern Africa. What was left was mainly desert or thick jungle. It was no good for farming or herding cattle. The Bantu left that land to the Khoikhoi and San people who already lived there. [...]

Islamic North Africa – caravans across the Sahara

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Kairouan mosque (ca. 800 AD) The Eastern Roman reconquest of North Africa in the 530s AD ended the Vandal kingdom there. But trade declined until the Islamic invasions of North Africa in the 600s AD and the establishment of the Umayyad, and then the Fatimid dynasties. Fatimids Under Islamic rule, North Africa became part of a large trading network [...]

Roman North Africa – Carthage to Augustine

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This is the amphitheater in ancient Carthage where Romans killed Christians during the Decian persecution. By the 300s BC, the North African port of Carthage was actively engaged in policing the whole Mediterranean. Carthage made treaties, for instance, with the Etruscans in Italy, to protect the Etruscans from piracy from the Greeks in southern Italy. And Carthage [...]

Medieval West Africa

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Copper sculpture from West Africa (Tada, Nigeria ca. 1300 AD). By 800 AD, the people of Djenne-Djeno had built a tall wall of mud-bricks around their town, to protect themselves from their enemies. They wore gold jewelry. On the other end of the Niger river, in the forests down near the Atlantic Ocean in modern Nigeria, the people of Igbo-Ukwu [...]

Who built Great Zimbabwe? Central African history

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Great Zimbabwe Besides South Africa, central Africa is the most isolated part of Africa - for many years, the people who lived here saw almost nobody from outside their own area. So it took longer for people in Central Africa to find out about new inventions. But even so, some historians think that people [...]

Early Cheyenne people – Native Americans

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A river in Minnesota Cheyenne people are related to the Algonquin people. From the Paleo-Indian period onward Cheyenne people lived in the Great Lakes area (in modern Minnesota). They were related to other Algonquin people like the Blackfoot and the Cree. "Cheyenne" is a Sioux word for "people who speak a different language" - it's not what the Cheyenne called [...]