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Cultures around the world 3000-1000 BC (the Bronze Age)

Questions to answer:

  • when did these people start farming?
  • when did they start spinning and weaving clothing (and what did they make their clothes out of)?
  • when did they start to use pottery?
  • when did they start to use bronze?
  • when did they start writing and doing math?
  • when did they start building big buildings?
  • when did they start having kings, empires, armies?
  • when did they start to use wheeled wagons and chariots?
  • when did they start to make up/write down stories and poems?
  • what was their religion like?
  • what other cultures did they trade with and learn from? what were their main contributions to world culture?

I. China

Stone Age China, Shang Dynasty China, Shang Dynasty Chinese Art, Shang Dynasty houses and altars, Rice, Millet, Silk, Hemp, BronzeChinese religion, Chinese writing

II. Central Asia

Central Asian history, Indo-EuropeansScythians, Sogdians, the wheel and axle, horses, cattle, marijuana

III. India

Stone Age India, Harappans, Vedic period, Vedic expansion, Vedic architecture, Hinduism, Rig Veda, Indian food, Bronze, Indian clothing, cotton

IV. Mesopotamia

Stone Age West Asia, Sumerians, AkkadiansHammurabi, Cuneiform, Epic of Gilgamesh, West Asian gods, Enuma Elish, West Asian numbers, ziggurats, beer, wine, wheat, olives, opium, sheep.

V. Egypt

Stone Age Egypt, the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, the pyramids, hieroglyphics, the alphabet, barley, beer, Egyptian religion, monotheism.

VI. Sudan

Meroe and Aksum, donkeys, ivory, millet, sorghum, Early African architecture, Early African science, mercenaries, Early Africa warfare, early African pottery

VII. Greece

Stone Age Greece, Early Bronze Age Greece, Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Minoans, Megaron housesBronze Age art, Bronze Age Corinth, Greek food, Greek clothing.

VIII. Rome

Stone Age Rome, Bronze Age Rome, history of salt, Indo-Europeans

IX. North Africa

Bronze Age North Africa, sheep, cattle, donkeys, Early African architecture

X. West Africa

Early West Africa, African food, figs, palm oil, African art

XI. Northern Europe

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Bronze Age art in northern Europe, Stonehenge, Northern Europe food, salt, pigs, Indo-Europeans

XII. North America

Bronze Age, Archaic North America, Pueblo (Anasazi) people, North American foodpinto beans, corn

XIII. Peru and Mexico

Valdivia, Norte Chico, Olmec, South American food, coca, chocolate, tomatoes, peppers, corn, rubber, writing

XIV. Brazil

Early Brazil, peanuts, yuca root, Arawak, sweet potatoes, chocolate, baskets, pottery