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Clouds in the sky - What are clouds?

Clouds in the sky. What are clouds?

Clouds are made of water

What are clouds? Clouds are made of drops of water or ice. When the wind picks up water from the ocean or from the land on Earth, it can carry the water up into the sky. If there’s a lot of water drops together, most of the sunlight that hits the cloud reflects off the water or ice. Then the light reaches your eyes, where it looks white. In a thick cloud, the water drops scatter the light in all directions instead of reflecting it. Then not all of the light reaches your eyes, so the cloud can look gray or black.

Fog is a cloud near the ground

Clouds can happen at any height above the ground. Sometimes clouds are actually touching the ground. We call that fog. If you go up to the top of a mountain or in an airplane, you will be above most of the clouds. After it rains, the clouds disappear, because the water they were made of has all come back down to Earth again.

The four kinds of clouds

On Earth, there are four main types of clouds:

Clouds on other planets

On other planets, there can be clouds made of other things than water. Venus is covered by thick clouds, but the clouds there are made of drops of sulphuric acidchlorine, and fluorine, and would be poisonous to you.

So what are clouds made of? Did you find out from this article? Let us know in the comments!

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