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Rice has a lot of carbohydrates

Rice has a lot of carbohydrates

What are carbohydrates made of?

Carbohydrates are foods which give you energy. They are called carbohydrates because they are made of hydrocarbon molecules. That is, they are made of hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms. Your body gets energy by eating these long, complicated hydrocarbon molecules and then using enzymes to break them up into smaller pieces. Breaking the bonds releases energy.

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Sugar also has a lot of carbohydrates

Sugar also has a lot of carbohydrates

What food has carbohydrates in it?

Mostly carbohydrates are either starches or sugars. Some foods which have a lot of sugars in them are fruit like apples, oranges, figs, bananas, and peaches. The first humans in Africa probably lived mainly on figs, as many chimpanzees do today.

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Grass seed also has carbohydrates

Another kind of food that has a lot of starches is grass seed. You might not think that grass seed sounds good to eat, but oatmeal, wheat bread, rye bread, rice, and popcorn are all made out of grass seed. Other kinds of grass seeds that you might not eat as much are millet, barley, teff, and sorghum.

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Other foods with carbohydrates

Some other foods also have a lot of carbohydrates. Honey and sugar are both very sweet and full of sugars. Some roots, like South American potatoes and yuca root and Central American sweet potatoes, have a lot of starches.

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Alcohols like wine and beer also have a lot of sugars in them.

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