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Coins from ancient Thebes

Silver coins from ancient Thebes

Why are Thebes’s coins different?

Each Greek city-state minted their own kind of coin, just like countries mint their own coins today. Coins help to show that you are a community. And the pictures on the coins provide a way to show what is important to your community. Thebes made coins in gold, silver, and bronze, but these are silver ones.

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What did Thebes put on their coins?

These two coins from Thebes show the kind of shield that Thebans carried in battle, and on the other side one has a trident and a fish, for Poseidon, and the other has a drinking cup.

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(Notice how both of the coins are struck a little off-center, because the striker was not being careful enough. Cheaters used to take advantage of that to clip off a little silver around the edges, and keep it for themselves.).

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Bibliography and further reading about Greek coins:

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Greek Coins, by Ian Carradice (1995). This handbook for beginners shows some of the different types of Greek coins, with a little historical background. About a page per century.

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