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9 07, 2017

Who was Archilochus? A Greek poet

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Archilochus: a bronze statuette of a Spartan man in armor, from about 500 BC When did Archilochus live? Archilochus was a poet who wrote in the 600s BC. He was from Ionia, the Greek colonies along the coast of modern Turkey. The Ionians were more or less under the power of the Lydians, [...]

6 07, 2017

Ancient Greek coins from Thebes

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Coins from ancient Thebes Each Greek city-state minted their own kind of coin. For the coins of Athens and Corinth, click here. These two coins from Thebes show the kind of shield that Thebans carried in battle, and on the other side one has a trident and a fish, for Poseidon, and the [...]

11 06, 2017

Making Roman weapons – Ancient Rome project

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Roman helmet, from the kids at Laurelhurst School, Portland, Oregon Although the Romans did many other things besides fight battles, certainly one of their greatest achievements was the world's first really professional, paid army. Roman soldiers conquered most of Europe and all around the edges of the Mediterranean Sea, and held onto it [...]

11 06, 2017

Make a hoplite shield – Ancient Greece project

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Spartan Shield, made by 6th graders at Laurelhurst School, Portland Greek hoplite soldiers carried shields like this one. The cut out areas made the shield lighter to carry. To make a shield like this one, cut the shape out of a large piece of cardboard and paint it. Then after the paint dries, glue [...]