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Coins of ancient India

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Harappan seal ca. 2000 BC Clay seals in India About 2500 BC, people in northern India started to use seals to mark their possessions. That was not long after their neighbors in West Asia first started to use seals, and Indian people probably got the idea from West Asians. More about seals and sealings Early Indian economy All our [...]

Ancient Indian economy

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Ancient India trade: Indian herbal medicines Most people in ancient India, as in other parts of Asia and Europe at this time, were farmers. In India, farmers mainly grew wheat and rice, and cotton for cloth. They grew opium for medicine too. On the coast, people produced salt in big evaporation flats, and in Sri Lanka they dove for pearls. Indian traders shipped teak wood to [...]

Who invented money? History of money

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History of money: A Lydian gold coin What is money? Money is an agreement between people. It is an agreement that this much of something will be worth this much bread, and this much cheese, and this many slaves. But it's convenient to be able to move money around between people, so even in [...]

Ancient Economy – Simple economic history

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Ancient economy: a bone sickle - the flint teeth are missing now Trade or self-sufficiency? Even today experts don't really understand how economics works. Historians also disagree about how economics worked in antiquity and in the middle ages. Some historians think that long ago most people were self-sufficient. They ate and wore mostly [...]

Making Greek coins – Ancient Greece project

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Greek coins project: Athenian coins, made by 6th graders at Laurelhurst School, Portland How minters made Greek coins Each Greek city made its own silver coins, and they made them to look different from each other so you could know right away which city the coins were from. Greek minters made coins by [...]

How to make Chinese coins – Ancient China project

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Replica Chinese coins, made by kids at Laurelhurst School, Portland Oregon People in China began to use cowrie shells for money about 1800 BC. But by about 400 BC, they were using bronze coins. Nobody knows whether moneyers in China thought of this idea on their own, or got the idea from West Asia, [...]