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Playing jacks

To get a better idea what it was like to be a kid in Central Asia, try playing some of the games that they played. Playing jacks is a good easy place to start, and you can do it anywhere. This video will show you how to play jacks. You don’t really need jacks, or knucklebones: you can play with small stones or Legos too.

How to play jacks

You could also play chess, or checkers, or backgammon.

Polo on bikes?

Then get up and go outside and run around. You can play polo with a soccer ball and your bikes instead of horses, on a parking lot or school playground. Central Asian kids also liked to race their horses, and you can race your bikes instead (or horses if you have one!).


You can also learn to shoot arrows using a bow. You can make your own bows and arrows out of sticks and string, or if you sign up for a class you can shoot modern bows and arrows at targets.

Central Asian board games
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