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Bicycle races – Central Asia projects

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Kids having a bike race - A bicycle race can stand in for a horse race on Central Asia day Horse race or bicycle race? In ancient Central Asia, people loved to ride horses and often raced their horses for fun. You probably don't have horses you can race (though that would be a [...]

Hosting a medieval tournament – an activity

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Modern-day re-enactors having a tournament Tournaments were a common form of entertainment in the Middle Ages. A group of knights came together at the castle of some powerful duke or king, and they would spend the day fighting each other for prizes, sometimes one against one, and sometimes in teams. Tournaments took the [...]

Islamic polo project – Medieval Islam

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Men playing polo When was polo invented? Polo was first invented in the Islamic Empire, during the Abbasid period (as far as we can tell). Probably it comes from earlier Central Asian horseback games. Many Central Asian soldiers fought in the Abbasid army, so they may have brought their games with them. About [...]

Playing jacks – Central Asian games project

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Playing jacks To get a better idea what it was like to be a kid in Central Asia, try playing some of the games that they played. Playing jacks is a good easy place to start, and you can do it anywhere. This video will show you how to play jacks. You don't really need [...]