What were shoes like in Ancient Egypt?

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Egyptian Shoes and Sandals

Egyptian sandals
Straw flip-flops
(now in the Vatican Museum, Rome)

Many people in ancient Egypt went barefoot their whole lives. It was warm there even in the winter, and people thought shoes were an unnecessary expense. Kids, especially, didn't usually have any shoes, or they had their parents' old worn-out shoes.

Egyptian childrens' shoes
Children's sandals from New Kingdom
Thebes (Vatican Museum, Rome)

But we know some children did have shoes, because we find straw sandals in baby sizes, as you can see in this picture.

Most people who did have shoes wore shoes made out of straw or reeds. Shoemakers took the straw or reeds and wove it into flip-flops that you could buy at the shoe store. (The ones in the pictures are missing the top cords, which have broken or gotten lost).

A Japanese man weaving straw sandals

The earliest known version of the Cinderella story involves an Egyptian slave girl who loses her straw slipper and ends up with the Pharaoh.

Richer people had sandals made out of leather, which were stronger and lasted longer.

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