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Chinook clothing – What did Chinook people wear?

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Chinook head-shaping board (1860) Around 1500 AD, Chinook people, both men and women, wore leather leggings and long leather shirts. Women's shirts were longer than men's, and their sleeves were wider. In warm weather, people often wore less clothing, and in winter they often wrapped furs around them to keep warm. Like people in Africa, Chinook people also [...]

Early European inventions

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For a long time, northern Europe was a scientific backwater: new ideas came from other places to northern Europe, and not the other way around. The earliest people came to northern Europe probably about a million years ago. These were not modern people, but earlier almost-humans. From Africa, they brought with them the knowledge of [...]

What games did people play in ancient Egypt?

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Ancient Egyptian games:  knucklebones Egyptian board games: senet and mancala The games people played in ancient Egypt were a lot like some games people still play today. Some Egyptian games were traditional African games. (More about African games) The Egyptians learned other games from their West Asian neighbors. (More about West Asian games) People [...]

Shoes in Ancient Egypt – Straw flip-flops

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Straw flip-flops from ancient Egypt Many people in ancient Egypt went barefoot their whole lives. It was warm there even in the winter, and people thought shoes were an unnecessary expense. Kids, especially, didn't usually have any shoes, or they had their parents' old worn-out shoes. Children's sandals from New Kingdom Thebes [...]

History of leather – Skins and shoes

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Areni-1 shoe from Armenia in Central Asia, about 3500 BC People make leather from the skins of animals. You can make leather out of the skin of any animal, but cows have the thickest skins to make the strongest leather. After the shepherd or the butcher killed the animal, he skinned the animal. [...]

Sewing, wheels, and steel – Central Asian science

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A clay pot with a drawing of a wheeled cart from what is now Poland, about 3500 BC Many of the world's most useful inventions come from Central Asia: sewing, leather, cart wheels and spinning wheels, burning coal. And then also the compound and recurve bows, saddles and stirrups, and high quality steel. [...]

Scythian clothing – Central Asian clothing history

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Plaid wool fabric from about 1000 BC, western China Central Asia is pretty far north, so it's pretty cold there. Clothes were really important to keep you from freezing to death. A lot of clothing inventions got started in Central Asia. The world's oldest bone and ivory needles (if they really are needles) [...]