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Sunlight seen from inside a cave

Sunlight seen from inside a cave

Long ago, Pueblo people lived far away up north. At first they lived underground, in a holy place called Sipapu. Then people climbed up through a hole in the earth into the sunlight (compare this to the Navajo creation story). God guided them for many years as they wandered (compare the Jewish story of Moses). People suffered many bad things like tornadoes and drought (not enough water) and bad magicians, before they got to a good land where they could settle down.

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde, Colorado

When they finally found the good land, God taught them how to farm their land. He taught them to grow corn. (compare the Greek story of Demeter). And He taught them how to build their pueblo houses.

Then God gave people his twin sons (again like the Navajo story, or like the Zoroastrianstory, or maybe like the Christian story of Jesus) to watch over them and help them in wars.

(This is only one version of this story, and there are many others.)

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