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What’s the Enuma Elish? West Asian religion

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Clay tablets with cuneiform writing of the Enuma Elish Story of Creation By about the time of Hammurabi, about 1700 BC, people in the Babylonian Empire were beginning to write down this story about the creation of the world. The name, Enuma Elish, comes from the first two words of the poem, which mean "when on high". [...]

Maya gods and rituals – Central American religion

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Maya pyramid at Tonina (ca. 700 AD) Maya people believed that the world was created by One Deer. One Deer created the mother and father of the gods (like Brahma and Gayatri or Gaia and Kronos). Then the mother and father created many other gods. They created the gods of the crops like the Corn God, the god [...]

Creation and the Jewish Bible

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God creates the Sun and the Moon, in a medieval European painting Many of the Jewish people in West Asia believed that at the beginning of time God created order out of Chaos. This is what is written in the beginning of the Bible, in the book called Genesis. Jewish ideas about the beginning of the [...]

Pueblo creation myth – Native American religion

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Sunlight seen from inside a cave Long ago, Pueblo people lived far away up north. At first they lived underground, in a holy place called Sipapu. Then people climbed up through a hole in the earth into the sunlight (compare this to the Navajo creation story). God guided them for many years as they wandered [...]

Navajo creation myth – Native American religion

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Lake Isabelle, Colorado People didn't always live here, where they live now. First they walked through four different worlds. These other worlds were inside the earth. It was dark there. First people would get along, then they would fight and so the people would leave and go to another world, and then the [...]

Inuit creation myth – Native American religion

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An Inuit carving of a bird First there were giants. The giants lived on the land and ate plants that they gathered. One day, when it was almost winter, a mother giant and a father giant had a baby girl. Her name was Sedna. As the days got shorter, Sedna got bigger and bigger. Every [...]

Native American religion – Early North America

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Navajo dancers There were many different groups of people living in North America. They spoke different languages. They had different kinds of houses and clothes. But they still all had some religious ideas in common. For instance, pretty much everyone in North America had a creation story about how the earth was made and how their people got to be on [...]

Native American creation myths

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A cross-legged man from Spiro Mound (modern Oklahoma), 900-1450 AD Each group of people in North America had their own story about where the world came from and where they came from. Here are some examples: Pueblo creation myth Navajo creation myth Chinook creation myth Cherokee creation myth Inuit creation myth Nobody really knows whether [...]

Cherokee creation myth – Native American religion

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The Atlantic ocean Long ago, the earth was just a big island, floating in a bigger ocean. The earth was hanging from four cords coming down from the sky, which was made of solid rock. It was dark all the time and the animals couldn't see where they were going, so they got the sun and set it in a [...]