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Amiens labyrinth

Amiens labyrinth: Northern France with Kids

Day One: Bayeux Tapestry

In northern France, drive first from Paris to Bayeux to see the Bayeux Tapestry. There are good audioguides for both adults and kids. Going through all the panels of the tapestry is as interesting as reading comic strips!

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Day Two: Mont St. Michel

If you have time, the next day check out Mont St. Michel. It’s a great Romanesque monastery on an island! It can be very crowded in the summer, so that’s better for the winter if you can manage it.

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Day Three: Caen castle

Moat and drawbridge at Caen

Moat and drawbridge at Caen

The next day, check out nearby Caen. Caen has a great castle with a moat and drawbridge, and plenty of room to play. There’s even a jungle gym inside the castle grounds. Leave time in the afternoon to see the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames, two beautiful Romanesque churches.

Caen castle
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Abbaye aux Hommes 
Abbaye aux Dames

The place where the British burned Joan of Arc alive in Rouen

The place where the British burned Joan of Arc alive in Rouen

Day Four: WWII Cemeteries

Spend the next morning seeing the amazing Normandy cemeteries from World War II.

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Then recover from all the sadness and spend the afternoon on the beach!

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Façade of Amiens cathedral in France

Façade of Amiens cathedral in France

Day Five: Joan of Arc

The next day, begin a tour of the great cathedrals of northern France. Drive to Rouen and see where the British burned Joan of Arc.

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Rouen cathedral
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Day 6: Amiens and Laon

From Rouen, make a loop to Amiens, then to Laon.

Amiens Cathedral
Laon – once a cathedral

Day 7: Reims and Paris

Reims transept

Reims transept

And from there drive to Reims cathedral, where the kings of France were crowned, and back down south to Paris.

Reims cathedral

You’ll want at least two or three days to see all these cathedrals, but it’s so interesting how each one is slightly different from the others.

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