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Rome bingo card Rome Bingo card (It will get biggerif you drag it to your desktop)

Rome Bingo card

Rome Bingo card (It will get bigger if you drag it to your desktop)

Here’s a board to print out for Roman history bingo. And here are some definitions you could use to call out. When the caller calls a definition, you place a marker (a penny, or a small stone) on the Roman name that the definition works best for. (Don’t know which one goes with which? You need to do some more reading!) When you’ve got five in a row, BINGO!

Roman History
Early Medieval Europe
The Islamic Empire

Bibliography and further reading about Roman history:

The Ancient Roman World, by Ronald Mellor (2004). Straight political history, For teens.

Classical Rome, by John Clare (1993). For kids, the whole political history from beginning to end.

The Romans: From Village to Empire, by Mary Boatwright, Daniel Gargola, and Richard Talbert (2004). Okay, it’s a little dry, but it is up to date and has all the facts you could want.

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