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A Greek depiction of an Amazon (Athens, ca. 420 BC; Wikimedia)

A Greek depiction of an Amazon (Athens, ca. 420 BC; Wikimedia)

The Greek story of the Amazons

The Amazons, in Greek mythology, were a group of warriors who were all women and girls. There were no men among them. One famous Greek story about the Amazons is the story of Penthesileia.

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Where did the Amazons live?

According to the Greeks, the Amazons lived to the north of Greece, around the Black Sea.

Amazon with her Scythian name written alongside her leg

Amazon with her Scythian name written alongside her leg

Were the Amazons real women?

These Greek stories probably come from the fact that among the people who lived north of the Black Sea – the Scythians and other people related to the Scythians like the Sogdians – women had a lot more power than they did in Greece.

Central Asian women
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How did Scythian women live?

In real life, men still had more power than women, even among the Scythians, but Greek travellers like Herodotus thought it was weird for women to be so free, and that was what they remembered about these people. Some Scythian women really did wear pants and ride horses and shoot bows and arrows in war.

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On Greek vases, paintings of Amazons often come with written name-tags, where the letters are Greek but spell out Scythian names. Chinese, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian stories also told about the fighting, free women of Central Asia.

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Bibliography and further reading about the Amazons:


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