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Who was Archilochus? A Greek poet

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Archilochus: a bronze statuette of a Spartan man in armor, from about 500 BC When did Archilochus live? Archilochus was a poet who wrote in the 600s BC. He was from Ionia, the Greek colonies along the coast of modern Turkey. The Ionians were more or less under the power of the Lydians, [...]

Assyrian reliefs – West Asian project

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Siege of Nineveh When the Assyrian kings of what is now Iraq and Syria (ancient Mesopotamia) built their great palaces in the 700s and 600s BC, artists carved long stories into the walls, like stone comic books. These stories showed the wars that the kings fought - marching out to war, besieging cities, [...]

Making Roman weapons – Ancient Rome project

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Roman helmet, from the kids at Laurelhurst School, Portland, Oregon Although the Romans did many other things besides fight battles, certainly one of their greatest achievements was the world's first really professional, paid army. Roman soldiers conquered most of Europe and all around the edges of the Mediterranean Sea, and held onto it [...]

History of Gunpowder: Gunpowder in ancient China

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History of gunpowder: Fireworks Who invented gunpowder? Like the idea of zero, gunpowder developed gradually over time. In 142 AD, during the Han Dynasty, a man named Wei Boyang was the first to write anything about gunpowder. He wrote about a mixture of three powders that would "fly and dance" violently. We aren't [...]

Who was Guanti? Chinese god of war

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Guanti (Ming Dynasty) Like Cheng-Huang, Guanti was a god based on a real man. According to the story, he was born poor and when he was a child he sold tofu for a living on the street (but historians say tofu was not actually invented until the Song Dynasty, hundreds of years later). He was [...]

Horses and archery – Central Asian warfare

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Scythian woman fighting Greeks (Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, ca. 350 BC) Central Asian soldiers were famous for fighting on horseback. Because Central Asian people spent a lot of time on horseback, herding their cattle, and because the grasslands where they lived were great places to ride horses, Central Asian people were very good at [...]

African Warfare – Colonization and Independence

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By 1500 AD, in order to defend themselves from Ottoman and European attacks, some African kingdoms were adopting the military techniques of West Asia, India, and Europe. Generally, if you lived closer to international traders, you were richer and could build a better army, but at the same time you were in more danger of [...]