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Early Native American Economy – farming and trade

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Pomo people fishing (California, 1816) When people first came to North America, maybe about 15,000 BC, they were probably mostly following the fish along the coast, and fishing is what they spent most of their time doing. In California, and along the East Coast, people like the Iroquois also gathered acorns and crushed them to make bread. Cree people [...]

Who were the Mapuche? South American history

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Chango whale hunt, El Madano, ca. 1000 AD There were probably people living in Chile (a narrow strip of land in South America between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean) by around 12,000 BC. They came south with their dogs along the coast of South America, either walking or in small boats. Like most other people in South [...]

Chocolate and Africa

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A white man beating an enslaved African man in Brazil As more and more people wanted chocolate, farmers had to grow more and more cocoa beans. By 1677, Spanish land-owners were buying West African people to farm cocoa beans as slaves, first in Brazil, and then in Venezuela. Gradually during the 1600s Europeans [...]

History of Chocolate: Where does chocolate come from?

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History of chocolate: Cocoa pods grow right from the trunk of the cocoa tree! (Thanks World Cocoa Foundation) Chocolate comes from South America Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which grew on trees in Central America and South America starting probably about 100 million years ago. Cocoa trees may have gotten their start on the [...]

Who invented money? History of money

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A Lydian gold coin Money is an agreement between people. It is an agreement that this much of something (usually some kind of metal gold, silver, or bronze) will be worth this much bread, and this much cheese, and this many slaves. People also used paper as money, or cocoa beans, or cowrie [...]