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Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby – American literature

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Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby This is a story about Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox. Br'er Fox was sick and tired of Bre'r Rabbit tricking him. He decided to settle Br'er Rabbit for good. Br'er Fox took some sticky black tar and some turpentine and he shaped it into a Tar Baby - a [...]

Br’er Rabbit and the briar patch – American literature

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A briar patch - a big thorn bush So Br'er Fox had caught Br'er Rabbit and this time Br'er Fox said he was going to cook Br'er Rabbit and eat him up for good! Br'er Rabbit was mighty scared. He begged, "Oh, Br'er Fox, I don't care what you do with me, so long as [...]

Br’er Rabbit takes a ride – American literature

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Br'er Fox This is a story about Br'er Rabbit and his enemy Br'er Fox. Well, after that story with the Tar Baby got around, the girls were all laughing at Br'er Rabbit. Br'er Rabbit got mad with the girls laughing at him, but he still looked cool, and he said, "Oh, that isn't anything. My daddy used [...]

How Br’er Rabbit lost his tail – American literature

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Br'er Rabbit and his tail This is a story about Br'er Rabbit. So one day in late fall, Br'er Rabbit was hopping down the dirt road and wagging his great big bushy tail. Br'er Rabbit was very proud of his fine tail. Now, you may say, rabbits don't have great big bushy tails! They [...]

Br’er Rabbit stories – American literature

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The printing press of the Cherokee Advocate in the 1800s Br'er Rabbit is short for "Brother Rabbit". He's a rabbit who sometimes tricks people and sometimes gets tricked. Br'er Rabbit is a lot like like the African Anansi the Spider. He's also like the rabbit in earlier Creek and Cherokee stories. Some of his stories [...]

Early Cherokee language and stories

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Cherokee statues from Etowah (now northern Georgia) Cherokee is part of a group of Iroquois languages. Before the Spanish conquered the Cherokee, the Cherokee people didn't use writing. But they told many stories about themselves and their gods. During the evenings, or at religious ceremonies, people sat around the fire together. Cherokee story-tellers told stories that entertained people. [...]

Rustem swims away – a story in the Shahnameh

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The Devil carries Rostem Like Odysseus or Anansi, Monkey or Br'er Rabbit, the Iranian hero Rustem was a trickster. He uses quick thinking to get out of this fix: Once when he was sleeping alone outside on the ground next to his horse Rukush, Rustem was trapped by the Devil, and the Devil started to carry him away. Rustem [...]

The Monkey and the Crocodile – Jataka Tales

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A monkey eating a mango Crocodile's mother asked him to bring her Monkey's heart to eat, so Crocodile tried to trick Monkey and get his heart. "Hey Monkey!" he said, "Let me swim you over to that island, to get some yummy mangoes!" "Sure thing!" said Monkey, and he hopped on Crocodile's back for a ride. [...]

Who is Hermes? Ancient Greek god

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This statue by Praxiteles shows Hermes playing with the infant Dionysos(300s BC) Hermes is a god of boundaries, borders and edges. Because of this, he's also in charge of things that cross borders, like messages or travelers. He is the messenger of the Greek gods; his father, Zeus, often sends Hermes to earth when [...]