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What is a wedge? This stone hand-ax from Chennai, India is a kind of wedge.

What is a wedge? This stone hand-ax from Chennai, India is a kind of wedge.

A wedge is a kind of inclined plane

What is a wedge? Like screws, wedges are really a kind of inclined plane, but they are so useful that people give them their own category among the simple machines. A wedge is two inclined planes back to back against each other.

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When were wedges invented?

Wedges evolved on their own long before people. Sharp teeth are a kind of wedge that cuts through meat and vegetables when fish or crocodiles eat something.

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People have been using wedges in Africa since the earliest Stone Age, about 2.6 million years ago. These early wedges were stone hand-axes, and their sharp edges let people cut a hunk of meat off a gazelle to eat, or cut branches for firewood. Probably people also used wooden wedges to split bigger pieces of wood into smaller pieces.

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Wedges and mechanical advantage

What is a wedge? wooden wedges to split a log

Wooden wedges to split a log

The mechanical advantage you get from a wedge depends on how thick it is. A thick short wedge will split things apart faster, but you’ll have to push down on it with more force – maybe hit it with a hammer. A thin long wedge will be easier to drive in, but it will take longer to split something.

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Some examples of wedges

Today we have many different uses for wedges. A plow is a kind of wedge. A knife is a kind of wedge, and a fork is made of four little wedges.

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Razors and scissors are wedges too. So are doorstops. A nail is a kind of wedge, and so is the pointed nose of an airplane, that helps it cut through the air more efficiently.

So what is a wedge? Did you find out what you wanted to know about simple machines? Let us know in the comments!

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