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Roman music – ancient Rome

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Street musicians (Pompeii, before 79 AD) Roman music came from earlier Etruscan, Carthaginian, and Greek music. As with earlier music, nobody knows what Roman music sounded like because there was no way to record it. Rich people owned musicians as slaves, and these musicians played at dinner parties or for entertainment in the evenings. Theater performances had musical accompaniment, and [...]

Who is Hermes? Ancient Greek god

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This statue by Praxiteles shows Hermes playing with the infant Dionysos(300s BC) Hermes is a god of boundaries, borders and edges. Because of this, he's also in charge of things that cross borders, like messages or travelers. He is the messenger of the Greek gods; his father, Zeus, often sends Hermes to earth when [...]

Schools in ancient Greece – Greek education

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Greek schools: The students stand before the teachers. Did ancient Greek kids go to school? Most Greek children never went to school at all. Girls, to begin with, always stayed with their mothers until they were married, either at home or working in the fields. Women in ancient Greece All our ancient Greece [...]

Who was Homer? Greek epic literature

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Cup by Sophilos, showing a race from the Iliad (as the inscription says - Athens, ca. 570 BC) To the classical Greeks, Homer's epics played very much the same role that the Bible plays for a lot of people today. People memorized big chunks of Homer's writings in school, and they repeated bits [...]

Listen to ancient Greek music

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Ancient Greek music: an enslaved woman plays a lyre Some people have been trying to figure out what ancient Greek music might have sounded like.  But most of what we know about Greek music comes from pictures like this one, from black-figure and red-figure vases. The pictures show us what the instruments looked [...]

What did ancient Greek music sound like?

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Apollo playing the lyre People in ancient Greece loved music, and made it an important part of their lives. Greek people thought of music as a way of honoring the gods, and making the world a more human, civilized place. Unfortunately nobody knows what Greek music sounded like, because there were no microphones [...]

How to make a Greek lyre – Ancient Greece project

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Greek lyre, made by 6th graders at Laurelhurst School, Portland People in ancient Greece loved music, which they thought was a way of creating order out of chaos - you could make random rocks into beautiful buildings, you could make random movement into athletics, and you could make random noise into music. [...]

History of Music and Musical Instruments

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A rock gong in Africa from the Stone Age People have been making music almost as long as there have been people, probably for at least a hundred thousand years. The earliest music, in Africa, was probably clapping hands and singing. Soon people also began to bang on hollow logs and knock sticks [...]