13 08, 2017

The United States expands – American history

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What Europeans were claiming In 1803, the French emperor Napoleon needed money to rebuild France's army after the French Revolution. So he agreed to sell France's land in North America to the newly [...]

10 08, 2017

Early Native American science

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Native American science: Sunflowers growing in a field Domesticating sunflowers Probably the greatest contribution of Native American people to science before 1500 AD was the domestication of several plants, especially sunflowers in eastern North America. These plants [...]

10 08, 2017

Inuit creation myth – Native American religion

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Inuit creation story: An Inuit carving of a bird Sedna is born First there were giants. The giants lived on the land and ate plants that they gathered. One day, when [...]

10 08, 2017

Tuniit history – Native Americans

By |2018-04-07T17:05:41-07:00August 10th, 2017|History, Native American|Comments Off on Tuniit history – Native Americans

Pre-Dorset fish hook Several thousand years after the first people crossed the Bering Land Bridge into North America, other people came to North America by boats, crossing from Siberia across the Arctic Ocean to Alaska. This was [...]

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