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Ethiopian food platter

Ethiopian food

As long as there have been living creatures on earth, they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about food – how to get it, which kinds are best, and how to prepare it. You can join this crowd and think more about the food you eat too.

Some of these suggestions are for recipes and projects you could do in your classroom at school – guacamole, popcorn, tacos, pickled eggs, or fig balls, for example. Others are for doing at home in your kitchen – peppermint candy, sweet potato pie, or barley soup. If you’re going camping, try our recipe for roasted eggs – or use the same method to make baked apples.

All of these recipes are vegetarian. The popcorn, guacamole, peppermint candy, and barley soup are vegan (use raw sugar for the candy). You can make most of the other recipes vegan by leaving off the cheese or substituting margarine for the butter. But the roasted eggs and the sweet potato pie really need eggs.

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For more good recipes, check out these cookbooks from or from your library:

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