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Avocados mashed into guacamole in a basalt mortar and pestle

Avocados mashed into guacamole

Aztecs and avocados

To make guacamole the way the Aztecs did, take one ripe avocado and cut it in half. Use a knife or a fork to pry out the seed. Scoop out the yellow fruit into a bowl (or a stone mortar like the one in the picture) and mash it with a fork (or a stone pestle).

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What else should I add?

Add half a chopped onion, a little chopped chili pepper (depends how spicy you like it!), half a chopped tomato, and a pinch of salt. Mix it up and eat it on tortilla chips!

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How is modern guacamole different?

Modern guacamole recipes often have you add a couple of spoonfuls of lime juice or lemon juice. That helps keep the guacamole from turning brown from oxidization so quickly. But limes and lemons come from India originally. The Aztecs didn’t have them, so if you want to make Aztec guacamole leave out the lemon juice! We often also add cilantro, but that’s a Central Asian herb. The Aztecs wouldn’t have had any.

Growing an avocado tree

For another avocado project, plant the seed in a flower pot and watch it grow into an avocado plant. Unless you live in a very sunny, warm place like Central America, though, your avocado plant won’t ever get any avocados on it – sadly.

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