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African clothing history – weaving, knitting, embroidery

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African clothing history:  An Egyptian painting of Nubians (from modern Sudan), about 1300 BC Weaving comes to Africa By about 2500 BC, some people in Africa started to weave their cloth instead of pounding it, which makes more flexible, comfortable clothing. People buy clothes instead of making them The Egyptians learned from their West Asian neighbors how to weave linen, and very [...]

What is steel? Ancient and medieval steel

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Damascus steel sword from the 1200s AD Soon after 300 BC, with the rise of the Silk Road, people were all looking for new ideas for things they could sell. Thanks to Buddhist monks, there were big universities in Mauryan India, where people came from all over Asia to study and work, and they, or someone else in India, [...]

History of Electricity – Science of shocks

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A bolt of lightning in the sky Like other inventions, electricity took thousands of years to develop, as scientists all over the world investigated first one idea and then another. Scientists grouped together unseen forces - both magnetism and electricity - and tried to figure out whether these forces were inside the attractor, [...]

Iroquois and the Revolutionary War

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Trade beads made in Venice in the 1600s and traded in North America When the first European traders came to the north Atlantic coast, about 1600 AD, the Iroquois were very interested in trading with them. People sold the Dutch traders lots and lots of beaver furs to make hats with, and in exchange they got glass beads and wool blankets, steel knives, sewing needles, and [...]

Ancient Indian clothing: What did people wear in ancient India?

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Ancient Indian clothing: A woman wearing a long tunic - Mathura, 100s AD Ancient Indian clothing: the cotton dhoti People in India wore mostly cotton clothing. India was the first place where people grew cotton, even as early as 5000 BC in the Stone Age. Men wore dhoti, a cloth wrapped around their waists and knotted at the back. Some [...]

What is silk? Ancient Chinese clothing

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Silkworms People make silk from the cocoons of silkworms. Have you ever seen a butterfly cocoon? It is just like that. You have to take zillions of these cocoons and unwind them carefully, and that makes long threads like spider webs, and you spin these together to make them thicker, and then weave [...]

Steel needles and sewing machines – History of clothing

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Early thimble-ring from Han Dynasty China (200 BC-200 AD) During the Han Dynasty, about 200 BC, Chinese blacksmiths started to make sharp, thin steel needles (this is about 100 years after Indian metal-workers began to make steel). Chinese tailors and seamstresses needed these thin, strong needles to sew silk clothing, which was more [...]

Who invented sewing? History of clothing

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A Neanderthal stone awl When people first started to wear clothing, about 60,000 years ago, they didn't sew it at all: they just wrapped leather or furs around themselves. Probably they soon began to tie their clothes on with string or leather cords. People continued to wrap their leggings on this way for [...]

What did people wear? The history of clothing

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Venus of Lespugue, ca. 25000 BC, now in the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris, wearing a grass or string skirt Clothing was very expensive in the ancient and medieval world, because without engine-powered machines it was very hard to make. So most people had very few changes of clothing; many people owned only the [...]

Science in ancient and medieval China

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Chinese compass Possibly as a result of the formation of the first empires and the rise of the Silk Road, Chinese scientists embarked on a series of important inventions around 500 BC, during the Warring States period. Most of these inventions spread quickly along the Silk Road across Asia, and eventually even reached [...]