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Roman food – rich and poor

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Roti bread made with millet Although the first people who came to the Mediterranean were probably following along the coast, and ate mainly fish, shellfish, seaweed, and wild figs, by the time the Roman Republic got started, there were far too many people in the Mediterranean to be able to live entirely from the ocean, and although people kept [...]

Who is Demeter? Ancient Greek gods

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A field of wheat growing For the Greeks, Demeter is an earth goddess; her name is De, which means earth (the same word as Gaia) and meter, which means mother. Demeter is the goddess of growing things, especially of grains like wheat and barley and millet. Demeter's daughter, Persephone, is the grain itself, [...]

What is straw? History of straw

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Straw Straw is the dried stalks of tall grasses like wheat, millet or barley. After people harvested the seeds of these grasses for food, they used the straw for everything from shoes to mattresses to baskets. People have been making straw into baskets, hats and other things since at least 10,000 BC. People [...]

History of farming – the beginning of agriculture

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History of farming: A field of wheat When did people start farming? People did not farm as a major way of getting food until around 12,000 BC. About that time, there was a climate change that made more food plants grow than before. Everybody got more to eat with less work than earlier [...]

Food in ancient China – rice and tea

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Chinese food When you think of Chinese food you think of rice, and rice was the first grain that people farmed in China. There is archaeological evidence of rice farming along the Yang-tse River by about 6000 BC. People cooked rice by boiling them in water, the way you do today. They ate [...]

Food in Qing Dynasty China

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Chinese sweet potato noodles In 1506 AD, the first Portuguese sailing ships - led by Columbus' cousin - reached China, and then more and more European ships came. These European ships brought (among other things) many new foods to China. Chinese people already knew about European food, but the traders brought new foods [...]

African Food and Colonization

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Yuca plants after they're pulled up When Portuguese traders began to come to Africa around 1500 AD, they brought new foods with them from South America and Central America. They brought peanuts, which were popular in Africa because they were a lot like the ground-nuts that people already ate. Most Africans switched over [...]

History of Angola – African History

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In 1500 AD, some of the people who lived in what is now Angola were Bantu and some were San. A Bantu man from Congo, Kiluanje, probably started the kingdom of Ndongo there. Ndongo was sometimes pretty much independent, but at other times the rulers of Kongo also ruled Ndongo. Ndongo's capital city was Kabasa, [...]