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Minotaur – the Labyrinth – Greek mythology

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Pasiphae holds the baby Minotaur Once upon a time on the island of Crete, maybe about 1325 BC, Europa's son Minos became the king of Crete, and his wife was Queen Pasiphae (in the story; this is only a story). The gods were angry at Minos and Pasiphae (PAH-si-fay), and they made them have a monster for a [...]

Minoan and Mycenaean Sculpture

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Minoan snake goddess from Knossos In the Bronze Age there was not a lot of sculpture in Greece. In Crete, between about 1700 and 1450 BC, the Minoans produced a lot of medium-sized figurines, mainly made of bronze and ivory. Some of these show women holding snakes: this may be the goddess herself, [...]

Minoan and Mycenaean Greek painting

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Dolphin fresco, Knossos, Crete (about 1500 BC) Although people in Northern Europe were doing cave paintings tens of thousands of years earlier, the first paintings from Greece are not until the Late Bronze Age, about 1700 BC. They come from the island of Crete, where the Minoans lived. Minoan people created these paintings [...]

Minoan and Mycenaean architecture

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Bronze Age palace in Knossos, Crete Around 1700 BC, a great earthquake shook the island of Crete and knocked down the palaces (or big houses) that many people had been living in. The people rebuilt these palaces much bigger and more beautiful than before, but still along the same lines of all the [...]