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The Silk Road and Afro-Eurasian trade

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Silk Road trade: Chinese coin of the Han Empress Kuo Empires and the Silk Road Starting in the 500s BC, governments started to come together into empires. Travel got safer. Traders could travel long distances without running into wars. Empires timeline Who were the Sogdians? The rise of the Silk Road All our [...]

Chinese animals – Environment of China

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A camel caravan in northern China Long ago, in the Stone Age, about 3000 BC, many different kinds of wild animals lived in China - elephants, lions, pandas, wild horses, wolves, wild dogs, aurochs, and many others. But as there got to be more and more people and farms, there was less room. [...]

Tang Dynasty Chinese Pottery – Medieval China

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T'ang Dynasty cup (Musee Guimet, Paris) Who invented porcelain? About 700 AD in China, plain white porcelain pottery first begins to appear, like these cups and these bowls. What is porcelain? Porcelain is a special kind of pottery. Chinese potters working under the T'ang Dynasty discovered that if you used a special kind [...]

Sui Dynasty Art – Painting and porcelain in Medieval China

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Sui Dynasty art: a clay camel, ca. 600-650 AD What came before the Sui Dynasty? In the Three Kingdoms period, Chinese artists had learned a lot about Indian and West Asian sculptural styles. (Read more about Three Kingdoms art) How was Sui Dynasty art different? Now in the Sui Dynasty, in the late [...]

Sewing, wheels, and steel – Central Asian science

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Central Asian science: A clay pot with a drawing of a wheeled cart from what is now Poland, about 3500 BC What was invented in Central Asia? Many of the world's most useful inventions come from Central Asia: sewing, leather, cart wheels and spinning wheels, burning coal. And then also the compound and [...]

What was the Silk Road? Central Asian Economy

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Mongol herdsman Hunting wild animals The first people moved into Central Asia about 50,000 BC. They were probably following the big animals that they hunted for food and leather skins - the wild aurochs and the wild horse. The great grasslands of Central Asia were a good place for aurochs and horses, because [...]

Evolution of Horses – Where do horses come from?

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Eohippus - an early kind of horse When mammals first began to grow larger, after the dinosaurs became extinct about 70 million years ago, some of them evolved into the earliest ancestors of horses. The first horses evolved in North America. They were about the size of dogs. They had three toes, lived [...]

Salt Caravans

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A salt caravan across the Sahara Desert Mining salt in antiquity The salt trade, already important in the Bronze Age, grew more and more important over time. By 252 BC, a Chinese governor named Li Bing also figured out how to mine salt. People dug deep pits down to where there were natural [...]

Early African Economy

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Early African economy: Roman centaur lamp found at Meroe (Sudan, ca. 100 AD) African trade to Asia and India: cowrie shells African traders have been selling things to West Asian and Indian traders and buying things from them since at least 4000 BC. And African traders have been buying and selling things between [...]