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Roman food – rich and poor

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Roti bread made with millet Although the first people who came to the Mediterranean were probably following along the coast, and ate mainly fish, shellfish, seaweed, and wild figs, by the time the Roman Republic got started, there were far too many people in the Mediterranean to be able to live entirely from the ocean, and although people kept [...]

What is Christian communion? History of religion

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Maybe our earliest image of the Last Supper - from the Catacombs of Domitilla, 100s AD At the Last Supper, Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine. Then shortly after he was crucified, he appeared to Peter and again gave him bread and wine. Jesus told Peter that whenever he ate bread during the Mass, it would turn into the [...]

Who is Demeter? Ancient Greek gods

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A field of wheat growing For the Greeks, Demeter is an earth goddess; her name is De, which means earth (the same word as Gaia) and meter, which means mother. Demeter is the goddess of growing things, especially of grains like wheat and barley and millet. Demeter's daughter, Persephone, is the grain itself, [...]

Ancient Greek food – History of Food – Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greek food - Platter with fish (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Sacrifice and Greek food Food, for people in Ancient Greece, was what separated people from animals, and from the gods. Gods didn't need to eat, and people did. Animals ate their food raw, but people cooked their food and were civilized. Civilized [...]

History of wheat farming – West Asia

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Field of wheat Ever since people left Africa for West Asia, about 70,000 BC, they have probably always eaten wheat, which tastes good and is also a good source of carbohydrates and not a bad source of protein. But for tens of thousands of years, people did not grow wheat. They just picked wheat [...]

History of rye bread – Central Asia

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A field of rye growing Like barley and wheat, rye's a kind of grass that is a good source of carbohydrates for people. Rye is different from the other grains mainly in that it will grow much further north, in colder climates, and in poorer soils. So people who lived further north, in [...]

Where do oats come from? West Asia

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Oats growing in a field Like wheat and barley and millet, oats grow wild all around West Asia. Probably early gatherers picked oats and ate them. But when people first started farming wheat and barley, about 12,000 BC, they didn't like oats as much. They thought of oats as a nuisancey weed that [...]

Yuca bread recipe – Cassava bread

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Yuca bread or cassava bread To get a better idea of what yuca tastes like and what you can make with it, try making yuca bread, as people did in South America thousands of years ago, and still do today. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, mix a cup of tapioca flour (look in [...]

What is barley? History of food

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Barley ready to be harvested Barley's a kind of grass, like wheat, that is a good source of carbohydrates for people. Barley is different from wheat mainly in that it will grow with less rain, so you can grow it more different places. Also, barley doesn't taste as good as wheat. So poor [...]