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a fox walking in long grass

Br’er Fox

Everyone laughed at Br’er Rabbit

This is a story about Br’er Rabbit and his enemy Br’er Fox. Well, after that story with the Tar Baby got around, the girls were all laughing at Br’er Rabbit. Br’er Rabbit got mad with the girls laughing at him, but he still looked cool, and he said, “Oh, that isn’t anything. My daddy used to ride Br’er Fox like his own horse.” And Br’er Rabbit walked off home.

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Br’er Fox got mad

Now when Br’er Fox came by, the girls told him what Br’er Rabbit had said. Br’er Fox got mad. “He did not!” he said. “Nobody ever rode me like a horse! I’ll go get Br’er Rabbit right now and make him take it back!”

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Br’er Rabbit got sick

Br’er Fox marched straight over to Br’er Rabbit’s house and he pounded on the door. No answer. Br’er Fox pounded some more. Blam! Blam! And Blam! Then Br’er Rabbit called out in a weak voice, “Oh, is that you, Br’er Fox? Please go get the doctor for me quick. I’m real sick. I think it’s that parsley I ate this morning.”

“That’s too bad, Br’er Rabbit,” said Br’er Fox. “I came to get you for a party with the girls. Won’t you come to the party?”

Br’er Rabbit goes to the party

“Well, I hate to miss a party,” said Br’er Rabbit, “but I’m too sick to walk that far.” Br’er Fox really wanted to get Br’er Rabbit back where the girls were waiting. “I’ll carry you,” he said. “I’d be scared if you carried me in your arms,” said Br’er Rabbit. “You’ll have to carry me on your back.” So Br’er Fox agreed. “And I’ll need a saddle,” said Br’er Rabbit. So Br’er Fox agreed. “And a bridle,” said Br’er Rabbit. So Br’er Fox agreed.

End of the story

Well, they got all that together, and Br’er Rabbit got all dressed up for the party, and they rode off. And when they got there, didn’t those girls laugh to see Br’er Rabbit riding Br’er Fox like a horse!

You might want to compare this story to the African story of Anansi and the Turtle.

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