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Piepan and strings and a coat hanger make a Greek lyre

Greek lyre, made by 6th graders at Laurelhurst School, Portland

People in ancient Greece loved music, which they thought was a way of creating order out of chaos – you could make random rocks into beautiful buildings, you could make random movement into athletics, and you could make random noise into music.

Greek vase of Apollo playing a lyre

Apollo playing the lyre

You can make a lyre like this one with a coat hanger, rubber bands (or yarn) and a metal bowl. Really the strings should run over the top of the bowl, so that the bowl will work as a resonator to make the music sound louder when you pluck the strings. This student painted the inside of the bowl to look like a turtle shell, as in the story of Hermes making the first lyre out of a turtle shell. Find out more about Greek music.


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Bibliography and further reading for Ancient Greek projects:

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