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Chimpanzees are descended from earlier primates. They probably split off from the branch that became modern humans about five million years ago, but they’re still our closest living non-human relatives.

Chimpanzees actually aren’t that different from early humans, either. Like early humans, they hunt and gather their food. They eat mainly figs, and also other kinds of fruit. But they also eat seeds, nuts, honey, leaves like lettuce, and termites (as you can see in the video). Chimpanzees also use sharpened wooden spears to hunt smaller animals for their meat.

Chimpanzees using tools to fish for termites

Chimpanzees use tools like twigs to get food out of holes, and stones to crack nutshells. They also make twigs into combs to help them get rid of lice and fleas. They play tag, and they carry sticks around as dolls.

Chimpanzees and honey
Chimpanzees and toys
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Chimpanzees and honey
Chimpanzees and toys

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