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Female figure from Franchthi cave in clay

Stone Age Greek sculpture: Clay female figure from Franchthi cave

As in other parts of Europe, the earliest sculptures from Greece are small figurines molded out of clay or carved out of limestone, about 5-10 inches tall.

A Cycladic figurine in marble

A Cycladic figurine in marble

Most of these statues are of women, and the women are generally very fat. They have big thighs and big breasts. Archaeologists call them “steatopygous” figurines, which means they have big butts. Possibly these figurines served some sort of religious purpose, maybe as fertility charms to make the crops grow.

But that’s not the only kind of sculpture from the Stone Age. There’s another kind from later in the Stone Age. On the Cyclades islands, between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea, there are tall, lifesize white marble statues of people (and more small figurines as well). They seem to have been made mainly to put in people’s graves.

Cycladic flute player (now in Athens)

Cycladic flute player (now in Athens)

They were originally painted so they didn’t look blank like this – they had painted on eyes and mouths and maybe also clothes.

Some carvings were also smaller, a foot or two high. This is a marble Cycladic figurine of a man playing a flute – or anyway, some kind of pipes, like a double recorder. But during the Bronze Age that followed, the Greeks didn’t make marble sculptures anymore.

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