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Cherokee art and Cherokee pottery

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Swannanona pottery (ca. 1000 BC) Even before Cherokee people first came to the southeast, the Woodland people who were living there were making baskets and pottery. Their earliest pottery looks a lot like baskets and probably came from making clay-linedwaterproof baskets to store things in. Cherokee basket from the 1700s AD When Cherokee people first split off from the Iroquois about 1500 BC and settled [...]

Indians and Greeks project

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Greek style Buddha from about 100 AD When Alexander the Great brought his army to India, Greek people learned a lot of new things from the people they met in India. We don't know whether Hellenistic philosophers talked to Buddhists, but their ideas are not so different. Try comparing Buddhism and the Greek philosophical ideas of Stoicism, Epicureanism, and Skepticism. What [...]

Alexander the Great in India

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Alexander the Great Did Alexander the Great really conquer India? In 326 BC, Alexander the Great conquered the Persian part of northern India. Alexander was a Macedonian king. So he was  an Indo-European, like the Persians. Who was Alexander of Macedon? Alexander and the Silk Road All our Ancient Greece articles Well, he conquered Pakistan Alexander was conquering the [...]

Women in Severe style Greek sculpture

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Severe style: Athena But just as in the Archaic period, all Greek Severe Style sculptors carved women with their clothes on. Women also did much less moving around, and had a much smaller range of emotional expressions, than the men did. As if to emphasize their inability to move around, most of the [...]

Severe style sculpture in ancient Greece

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Kritias Boy (ca. 480 BC) - in the Severe style What is the Severe style? About the time of the Battle of Marathon, in 490 BC, Greek sculptors started to work in a new style, called the Severe style. This quickly replaced the old Archaic style. What's the Archaic Style? The Battle of [...]

Hellenistic Greek sculpture

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Hellenistic sculpture by Praxiteles: Hermes and the infant Dionysos A new Hellenistic style At the end of the 400s BC, Greece, and especially Athens, was devastated by a terrible war which involved nearly all the Greek city-states, the Peloponnesian War. The end of the war left the Greeks too poor for much sculpture, [...]

Greek sculpture – ancient Greece

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Greek sculpture: Winged Victory (Nike of Samothrace) - Now in the Louvre, Paris What happened to all the Greek statues? Not very much Greek sculpture has survived for us to see. You might think stone statues made of limestone and marble would last well, but both limestone and marble can be burned and [...]

Classical Greek sculpture – ancient Greece

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Classical Greek sculpture: Discobolos (the Discus Thrower) (This is a Roman copy; the Greek one didn't last) After the Severe style The Severe style didn't last very long, and by about 460 BC Greek sculptors moved on to the Classical style. The Severe style Women in the Severe style Classical Greek history All [...]