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West Asian numbers – Ancient Mesopotamia

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Neolithic counting tokens The earliest way of writing down numbers was to carve notches in tally sticks, and this method spread from Africa all over Europe and Asia. But by about 9000 BC, people in West Asia began to use a different method of counting. Instead of tally sticks, people made clay tokens in different shapes. The shapes meant different [...]

West Asia in the Stone Age

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Building at Gobekli Tepe (ca. 9000 BC) By around 10,000 BC, people in West Asia were beginning to settle down in one place instead of travelling around, even though they were still hunting and gathering. Probably this was because the end of the Ice Age was making West Asia so warm and wet and fertile that people didn't need [...]

Stone Age art from West Asia

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Building D, Gobekli Tepe. Southern Turkey, about 9000 BC The earliest art known from West Asia is from about 9000 BC, soon after the end of the last Ice Age. It's from Gobekli Tepe, in southern Turkey near the border with Syria. At Gobekli Tepe, hunter-gatherer people built a big stone temple and decorated it with [...]

West Asian art history – Mesopotamia and Iran

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Building D, Gobekli Tepe. Southern Turkey, about 9000 BC West Asian art goes back to the earliest presence of people in West Asia, in the form of little stone or clay fertility figurines. Around 9000 BC, they were carving stone at the temple of Gobekli Tepe. They didn't carve human figures (we don't know why not). But they [...]

Before 10,000 BC – World history timeline

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Sibidu Cave, South Africa. People lived here from about 77,000 BC until about 38,000 years ago. In the early years of human history, beginning with the earliest humans about two million years ago, every place in the world was in the Stone Age, and all the people in the world got their food by hunting and gathering. For a [...]

What is flint good for? Stone tools

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Flint is a sedimentary rock. Flint is a kind of sedimentary rock. It's pretty common; you can find flint all over  China, West Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Flint is easier to knapp (to shape) than a lot of other kinds of stone, and it will hold a sharp edge longer, so in the Stone Age people made most [...]

Stone Age Italy – the history of Italy

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Stone Age rock art from Val Camonica, in northern Italy. By around 200,000 years ago, there were a few early humans living in Italy. We know about them from their flint axes, and from one of their villages that has been excavated west of Rome at Torrimpietra. These were not modern humans, though, but a different species [...]

Stone Age Japan – Japanese history

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Jomon carving of a killer whale, ca. 3000 BC People probably first reached Japan from two directions around the same time. Some people came north from Southeast Asia or Australia, in boats along the coast. These people were descended from the first people who left Africa about 70,000 BC, and they had dark skin. A [...]

Mehrgahr – Stone Age India

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Clay figurines from Mehrgahr The first people reached India from Africa around 40,000 BC. At first they probably got most of their food from fishing and gathering shellfish, like other people around the world at this time. But around 7000 BC, some people - probably recent arrivals from West Asia who brought their seeds with them - began farming along the river of the Indus Valley [...]