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Sukkah - a temporary house just for the holiday

Sukkah – a temporary house just for the holiday

While you’re learning about the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, you can build your own Sukkah. You can build a Sukkah out of anything, except that the roof has to be made of plant material like branches, and it has to have gaps in it big enough to see the stars at night.

Building a Sukkah

You could build your Sukkkah outside, out of tree branches or wooden pallets or sticks and canvas tarps (with branches for the roof). Or you could build a pretend Sukkah in your living room or classroom, out of cardboard boxes or couch cushions (with branches for the roof).

You could build your Sukkah big enough for your whole family to eat in, or small enough for just you. Or a tiny model of a Sukkah out of sticks. It’s up to you!

Learn by Doing – Building a Sukkah

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