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Yayoi – Iron Age Japan

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Yayoi pottery, ca. 100-200 AD By about 800 BC, most people in Japan were shifting from Stone Age hunting and gathering to farming rice for most of their food (but they were still also eating a lot of fish). People in Japan started raising pigs at this time, too, brought over from China. Like farmers everywhere, people in Japan started to fight over land, and [...]

Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Chinese Literature

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms hero Guan Yu, in a small statue made during the Ming Dynasty (about 1495 AD) Luo Guanzhong wrote the Romance of the Three Kingdoms around 1380 AD, during the Yuan Dynasty, but it is about things that happened more than a thousand years earlier, at the end of [...]

Three Kingdoms China – Early Medieval Chinese History

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Three Kingdoms China: The tomb of Liu Bei The Han Dynasty collapses The Han Dynasty collapsed about 220 AD. For three hundred years after that, China was divided into three smaller kingdoms (which were each still really pretty big). What happened to the Han Dynasty? More ancient China articles A Jin Dynasty [...]

Three Kingdoms Art – Early Medieval China

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Wei Dynasty camel (northern China, 500-550 AD) (Musee Guimet, Paris) It was in the time of the Three Kingdoms that the first artists appear whose names we still know today. One of the earliest Chinese artists whose name we know is Ku K'ai-chih, who lived in the 300s AD (when Constantine was first [...]