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6 06, 2017

Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Chinese Literature

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms hero Guan Yu, in a small statue made during the Ming Dynasty (about 1495 AD) Luo Guanzhong wrote the Romance of the Three Kingdoms around 1380 AD, during the Yuan Dynasty, but it is about things that happened more than a thousand years earlier, at the end of [...]

6 06, 2017

Three Kingdoms China – Early Medieval Chinese History

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Three Kingdoms China: The tomb of Liu Bei The Han Dynasty collapses The Han Dynasty collapsed about 220 AD. For three hundred years after that, China was divided into three smaller kingdoms (which were each still really pretty big). What happened to the Han Dynasty? More ancient China articles A Jin Dynasty [...]

6 06, 2017

Medieval China – History

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A T'ang Dynasty emperor In 220 AD, Han Dynasty China fell apart into three medium-sized kingdoms, so people call this the Three Kingdoms period. In 581 AD, a general named Wen Ti managed to conquer the other two kingdoms and created a new Chinese empire under the Sui dynasty. Wu Ti's son, Yang [...]

5 06, 2017

Chinese pagodas – Architecture – China

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Song Dynasty pagoda (Hong Kong) About 200 AD, near the end of the Han Dynasty, people in China began to hear about the new religion of Buddhism, which had started in India about 700 years earlier. Buddhists in China began to build special Buddhist buildings called pagodas which were like Indian Buddhist stupas. These buildings were [...]

4 06, 2017

Three Kingdoms Architecture – China

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Three Kingdoms architecture: Mogao Caves (366 AD and later) First Buddhist temples in China Beginning in 366 AD, people in China built the earliest Buddhist temples in China. These first Buddhist temples at Mogao were carved into caves in the side of cliffs, like the earlier Buddhist temples at Ajanta in India. What temples at [...]