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West Asian people – families, schools, slavery

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West Asian people: Ur-Nanshe, the king's chief musician in Mari, 2400s BC Oppression of women What we notice most about the way people lived in West Asia is the widespread oppression of women. As compared to their neighbors in Sudan, Egypt, Central Asia, the Roman Empire, or even India, West Asian women were [...]

Christian saints – History of Christianity

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St. Francis of Assisi, painted by Giotto in the early 1300s AD From early on, Christians believed that some holy people, when they died, not only went to heaven but had the special attention of Jesus. These people had special powers themselves. So they could cure sicknesses and answer prayers of all kinds. Christians called these [...]

Roman Greece – St. Paul and the Christians

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Roman Greece: Map of the Roman Empire in 146 BC The Roman Empire expands By 275 BC, the Romans in Italy were beginning to expand out of Italy and conquer other parts of the Mediterranean. They started with Sicily, an island near Italy. (Today Sicily is in Italy, but it wasn't then!) More [...]

Roman Corinth and St. Paul

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The Temple of Octavia in Corinth, dedicated to the sister of the emperor Augustus Hellenistic Corinth After the Macedonians conquered Corinth in 338 BC, Corinth was not as powerful as it had been before. But Corinth was still an important port during the Hellenistic period. Earlier history of Corinth Bronze Age Corinth Hellenistic [...]