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Early Cheyenne people – Native Americans

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A river in Minnesota Cheyenne people are related to the Algonquin people. From the Paleo-Indian period onward Cheyenne people lived in the Great Lakes area (in modern Minnesota). They were related to other Algonquin people like the Blackfoot and the Cree. "Cheyenne" is a Sioux word for "people who speak a different language" - it's not what the Cheyenne called [...]

West Asia in the Stone Age

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Building at Gobekli Tepe (ca. 9000 BC) By around 10,000 BC, people in West Asia were beginning to settle down in one place instead of travelling around, even though they were still hunting and gathering. Probably this was because the end of the Ice Age was making West Asia so warm and wet and fertile that people didn't need [...]

Who were the Philistines? West Asian history

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Philistines on the Egyptian temple of Medinet Habu At the end of the Late Bronze Age, around 1200 BC, there were bad times all over the Mediterranean and West Asia. The Egyptian New Kingdom collapsed, and so did the Hittite Empire. We don't exactly know why. It may have been a change in the climate, which caused a drought and [...]

Stone Age art from West Asia

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Building D, Gobekli Tepe. Southern Turkey, about 9000 BC The earliest art known from West Asia is from about 9000 BC, soon after the end of the last Ice Age. It's from Gobekli Tepe, in southern Turkey near the border with Syria. At Gobekli Tepe, hunter-gatherer people built a big stone temple and decorated it with [...]

Before 10,000 BC – World history timeline

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Sibidu Cave, South Africa. People lived here from about 77,000 BC until about 38,000 years ago. In the early years of human history, beginning with the earliest humans about two million years ago, every place in the world was in the Stone Age, and all the people in the world got their food by hunting and gathering. For a [...]

Who were the Valdivia people? South American history

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Valdivian carving, ca. 3500-2000 BC People probably first reached Ecuador by boat, about 13,000 BC. They were coming down the Pacific Coast from North America. These people settled in river valleys along the coast. They hunted and gathered their food, some on land but mostly by fishing in the ocean. About the same time as people in Asia and Africa, they started farming. Around 8000 BC, they [...]

Who were the Mapuche? South American history

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Chango whale hunt, El Madano, ca. 1000 AD There were probably people living in Chile (a narrow strip of land in South America between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean) by around 12,000 BC. They came south with their dogs along the coast of South America, either walking or in small boats. Like most other people in South [...]

Who were the Guarani? South American history

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Guarani people performing a dance in the 1800s When the first Tupi people expanded their territory from Central America to reach the coast of Brazil about 900 BC, some of them kept on moving south along the Atlantic coast. About a thousand years later, maybe about 1 AD, some of those Tupi people moved inland, abandoning their [...]

Brazil’s early history – South America

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Venus of Santarem (Brazil, ca. 1400-1000 BC) The first people probably arrived on the Atlantic coast of South America about 15,000 BC, following the Atlantic coastline south from Central America. Probably a second wave of people followed them around 11,000 BC. It's also possible that other people reached South America by boat from Australia or Indonesia. [...]