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16 07, 2017

Pelops’ chariot race – Greek mythology

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Poseidon in love with Pelops (Athens, 400s BC) Pelops was the son of Tantalus, and so he was Zeus' grandson. When Pelops was still young, Tantalus murdered Pelops and served him to the gods as a stew. Luckily for Pelops, the gods figured this out before they ate him, except for Demeter ate a piece of Pelops' shoulder. After [...]

11 06, 2017

Hold your own Olympics – Ancient Greece project

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Olympic long jumping with weights to make him go further Competition, for the Greeks, was a way of pleasing the gods. Competition pleased the gods by creating order out of chaos. That is, it took things which had been all jumbled up, and put them in a defined order, from best to worst. [...]

11 06, 2017

Greek Olympic games project

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A foot race in ancient Greece Would a day of "Greek Olympics" work for you? Here are some suggestions for that. Maybe the most important difference between our own Olympics and the ancient Greek Olympics is that no women were allowed to compete, or even to attend, the ancient Olympic games. You'll probably [...]

4 06, 2017

Swimming in Qing Dynasty China

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The first lifeguards were in China The Qing Dynasty rulers of China came from Central Asia; they weren't swimmers. Under their rule, very few people in northern China could swim. In 1708, the Qinkiang Association for the Saving of Life established the first lifeguards anywhere in the world, but this was mainly to save people [...]