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Medieval stained glass, eyeglasses, and modern glass

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Medieval glass: Islamic glass (probably Iraq, 800s AD, now in the Metropolitan Museum, New York) Medieval glass-making By the 1100s, glass-making was expanding again from West Asia; there were glassworks further east at Kuva in Central Asia (modern Uzbekistan). Glass-making also moved westward: by 1000 AD, Venice was a growing center of glass manufacturing. In West Africa, local [...]

Heloise and Abelard – Middle Ages in Europe

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Heloise and Abelard The story of Peter Abelard and his wife Heloise is one of the saddest love stories of Western history. Abelard, who was born in 1079 AD, came to Paris as a young man and taught classes at the new Christian church school there. (This was just a few years after the Norman Conquest). Abelard [...]

Medieval cathedrals – Architecture

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Medieval cathedrals: Façade of Amiens cathedral in France What is a cathedral? A cathedral is any Christian church where a bishop has his headquarters. No matter how big a church is, if there's no bishop working in it, then it's not a cathedral. More about bishops Lots more Middle Ages articles For instance, the cathedral of Laon in [...]

What is a transept? Medieval Architecture

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Transept of Rouen cathedral (France, 1200s AD) Transepts were part of medieval Christian churches. Most churches were shaped like a cross, to remind people about Jesus' crucifixion, and the transept is the cross-piece of the cross. Floor plan of Chartres Cathedral Sometimes there were big rose windows (round windows) and doors [...]

Medieval African Art

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Medieval African art: Two men riding an elephant, in an Indian style (Asbi, Ethiopia, ca. 1000-1200 AD) African art got even better in the Middle Ages, after about 400 AD. By this time, nearly all of the people of Africa were trading and getting richer, and making more complicated pieces of art to [...]