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History of coffee – Where does coffee come from?

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Where does coffee come from? Coffee history starts in Africa. Coffee plants grew wild in East Africa. Sometime before 1000 AD, the people who lived in Ethiopia, in East Africa, began to pick the red coffee berries and mash them up. They mixed the berries with fatty meat (like bacon) to make an energy bar like [...]

History of Bananas – Southeast Asia

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A bunch of bananas: History of bananas Where do bananas come from? Wild ancestors of banana trees grew in southeast Asia. Like chickens, bananas were first domesticated in southeast Asia. People may have been farming bananas possibly as early as 8000 BC. They were certainly growing their own bananas before 5000 BC. History [...]

A day in the Islamic Empire – Activities, food, costumes

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Islamic archery contest If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient Islam, here's some ideas other people have found useful: You could organize the day around a human chess game, or around bicycle polo, or an archery contest if you can arrange for [...]

Islamic polo project – Medieval Islam

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Men playing polo When was polo invented? Polo was first invented in the Islamic Empire, during the Abbasid period (as far as we can tell). Probably it comes from earlier Central Asian horseback games. Many Central Asian soldiers fought in the Abbasid army, so they may have brought their games with them. About [...]

Playing chess – Medieval Islam project

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A chess project: Two medieval Islamic men playing chess Playing a game of chess Chess is an game that was very popular in the Islamic Empire. The game of chess has not changed very much since the time of the Mamluks and Fatimids. Chess was probably invented in India, and comes from earlier [...]

Archery contest – Medieval Islam projects

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Ottoman archer on horseback Archery competitions were very popular in the Islamic Empire. You could sign up for an archery class through your local community center or college. Or you could try to find a volunteer from a local archery club to bring in some bows and arrows and do a demonstration. If [...]

What are vaccinations? Definition of vaccination

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Children being vaccinated  A vaccination is a way to keep animals (both people and other kinds of animals) from getting sick when viruses get inside their bodies. The earliest kind of vaccination was when people noticed that if you had already had the sickness and gotten better, you couldn't catch it a second [...]

What is kaolin clay? History of Art

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A chunk of kaolin clay Kaolin clay and porcelain Kaolin is a kind of clay with a lot of aluminum, silica, and oxygen in it. It is the kind of clay you use to make porcelain. Feldspar Kaolin clay starts out as a kind of igneous rock called feldspar. When feldspar erodes in places [...]

Ibn Khaldun

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Palace of the Hafsids in Tunis (now the Bardo Museum) - where the economist Ibn Khaldun spent time Ibn Khaldun's childhood The economist Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis, in North Africa, in 1332 AD, not long after the birth of Ibn Battuta. Like Ibn Battuta, Ibn Khaldun was from a rich Muslim [...]

Ibn Battuta in China

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Ibn Battuta on his travels Continuing travels of Ibn Battuta Ibn Battuta had already traveled much more than most people did! But even after visiting East Africa he didn't go home to Morocco. Ibn Battuta rested for a few months in Mecca, and then he heard that the Sultan of India had good jobs for [...]