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The historian Herodotus – Ancient Greece

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A story from the historian Herodotus: Stone statues of Kleobis and Biton Herodotus: "Father of History" Who was Herodotus? People sometimes call Herodotus the "father of history." Classical Athens More Greek literature All our ancient Greece articles Herodotus was the first writer that we know of (probably really the first) who tried to [...]

Archaic Athens – ancient Greece

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Archaic Athens: The Acropolis of Athens Athens in the Late Bronze Age Athens was a city-state in the center of Greece. People moved there because it has a good seaport nearby (at Piraeus) and a steep hill that makes Athens easy to defend. Ancient Sparta Ancient Corinth The city of Thebes All our [...]

Old World Cotton History – India, Africa, Asia, Europe

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India cotton bolls hanging from the plants India cotton farming About 2500 BC, a thousand years after people started to grow cotton in Peru, the Harappan people in India also started to grow cotton. Cotton in the Americas Who were the Harappans? All our India articles We know because people wrote about cotton [...]

History of Tofu in China – Medieval China

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History of tofu: here is some cooked tofu looking super yummy! Who invented tofu? The first people to write about tofu were writers from the Song Dynasty in China, about 900 AD. Those Song Dynasty writers thought tofu had been invented by a Taoist prince of the Han Dynasty, Liu An, about 100 [...]

Scythians and Sogdians – Early Central Asia

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Central Asian yurts Nomads were travelling around Central Asia probably by 50,000 BC or so. By 24,000 BC, if not earlier, these nomads had split into at least two different groups that spoke different languages - one group spoke proto-Indo-European and the other group spoke proto-Altaic. DNA analysis shows that some of the [...]