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Where do folding fans come from? History of fans

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Tutankhamon's ostrich feather fan (Egypt, ca. 1300 BC) Chimpanzees use a stick with leaves on it, or just a big leaf, to chase away flies. They can't cool themselves by creating a breeze, because their hair insulates them, but the earliest people who had evolved hairless skin probably quickly started to use big leaves and leafy sticks as fans in hot [...]

American Clothing – 1800s

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American clothing - 1800s: American boys at school (1800s) What did people wear in the 1800s? By the 1800s, most of the people living in North America were of European or African origin. Kids still often wore clothes that had been cut down for them from worn-out grown-up clothing. Most kids, and many grown people, went barefoot [...]

Early Cherokee clothing – Native American history

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Early Cherokee clothing: Tsiyu Gansini, Cherokee chief (late 1700s AD) Cherokee hairstyles Like most people, Cherokee people used their clothing and hairstyles to show that they were Cherokee and different from their neighbors. What made Cherokee men look different from other people living in North America at this time was their haircuts. Cherokee men shaved [...]

Yayoi – Iron Age Japan

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Yayoi pottery, ca. 100-200 AD By about 800 BC, most people in Japan were shifting from Stone Age hunting and gathering to farming rice for most of their food (but they were still also eating a lot of fish). People in Japan started raising pigs at this time, too, brought over from China. Like farmers everywhere, people in Japan started to fight over land, and [...]

Cotton, wool, silk, hemp – Ancient India projects

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Cotton bolls hanging from the plants People in India were the first to grow cotton, about 2500 BC. It took four thousand years to spread cotton growing from India to China and Europe. But wherever people were, when they did get cotton they really liked it. Why is that? What is it about [...]

What did people wear? The history of clothing

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History of clothing: Venus of Lespugue, ca. 25000 BC, now in the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris, wearing a grass or string skirt The first clothing Clothing was very expensive in the ancient and medieval world, because without engine-powered machines it was very hard to make. So most people had very few changes of [...]

What is hemp cloth? Chinese clothing

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Wild hemp plant Before people ever thought of using it for anything, hemp grew wild all over Central Asia, India, and East Asia. It's related to cabbage plants. Probably hemp began to grow near where people lived on its own, without any help from people. Hemp likes to grow where the ground has [...]

Hemp clothing project – Ancient China

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Hemp clothing project: A shirt made out of hemp cloth Visit your local craft market and check out some things made of hemp. What do hemp clothes feel like? What about hemp rope? Hemp shoes? Do they have anything made out of hemp plastic? Just as many things in the ancient world were [...]

Stone Age China – Early Chinese History

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Jade dragon-pig from New Stone Age China When did the first people come to China? Early people made it to China about 700,000 years ago. They were Homo Erectus, and maybe some Denisovans. One example is "Peking Man".They had dark skin and wide flat noses. These people lived in caves. They made fires [...]

Ancient Chinese clothing – What did people wear?

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Ming dynasty (1400s AD) painting by Tang Yin Tunics and padded jackets and pants People in China generally wore tunics (like long t-shirts). Women wore long tunics down to the ground, with belts, and men wore shorter ones down to their knees. Sometimes they wore jackets over their tunics. In the winter, when it [...]