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8 08, 2017

Cherokee history – Native Americans

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Cherokee history: statues from Etowah (now northern Georgia) from about 1300 AD (maybe these should really be counted as Creek?) The Ani Chota The Cherokee nation was the largest nation of eastern North America.  They were probably also the most important. But they did not call themselves the Cherokee. They called themselves the [...]

8 08, 2017

Archaic North America – Native Americans

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Archaic North America - the glaciers melted with the end of the Ice Age When did the Archaic period begin? After the Paleo-Indian period,  came the Archaic period. The Archaic started about 8000 BC. (That's ten thousand years ago.) During the Early Archaic period, the Ice Age ended. The great glaciers that covered the northern part of [...]

8 08, 2017

Native American government

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A Mandan village in 1832 In the Paleo-Indian period, everyone in North America lived in small bands, usually just your family and maybe one or two other families - not more than ten to fifteen people. Most of the time, those were the only people you saw, and your mom, or your uncle or grandpa or [...]

29 06, 2017

Types of government. Definitions

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Code of Hammurabi - an early law code from the 1700s BC The first people didn't need any government, because there were so few people. Mostly people lived just with their own family or with one or two other families, and the older men and women decided what to do, without any system [...]

29 06, 2017

What are complex chiefdoms?

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The Lion Gate, Mycenae (ca. 1500 BC) As we get on into the Middle Bronze Age (the century varies depending on where you are) villages just kept on getting bigger and bigger. After a while the villages were really towns and cities. Some places had thousands of people living in them. Now even [...]